Human and Vehicle Vibration Analysis

SafeOperate is the only commercial company in Australasia providing seat vibration testing. The company recognized the growing number of seat related injury events and went about looking for the solution to turn things around. Back injuries and seat related injury claims cost millions and affect peoples lives, this is unnecessary and can be prevented simply and cost effectively.

The first prototype trialled was developed by members from companies that included The University of Queensland and also The Seat Shop. Due to the success of the trials SafeOperate was formed to implement the safety program across Australia and across the world. 

How does it work ?.... a seat is fitted with a series of Accelerometers that constantly wi-fi vibration data back to monitored servers that look for spikes or evidence of performance outside normal parameters. The owner of the machinery is then alerted and advised that the possibility of an event is likely and an immediate investigation is required, therefore reducing possible injuries and preventing costly investigations, downtime, repairs and litigation. Accelerometers can be fitted to every type and brand of suspension seat, and into every type of machine whether it's an on road or off road application.  

How does it happen ?.... First we need to make sure your seat is in acceptable condition so we may need to do a service on the seat. That ensures the data captured is from a correctly working seat assembly AND confirms the operator is not subject to faulty equipment. We install the equipment and provide you with log ins and the program starts immediately.

An example of real time data from a coal mine haul truck is shown below

Vibration Data


Other benefits of SafeOperate testing include monitoring of undercarriage components, bearings, wheels and a non exhaustive list of parts that can be monitored. Alerts are issued before expensive equipment failure occurs savings thousands of dollars and costly downtime.

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